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The Feltstyle brand was created in 2010 searching for new ways to use natural wool felt - unique, stylish, extremely good-looking and durable 100% finest new wool material. The quality of this textile has withstood the test of time. Our aim is to renew traditions and to re-popularise the slightly forgotten material that is made of pure sheep wool. Wool felt has outstanding properties: it is durable against weather conditions, it is an outstanding isolator of warmth and sound, it breathes and regulates temperature, it can absorb a great deal of moisture and allow that moisture to evaporate without changing the properties of the material or the shape of the article, and it does not create static electricity.


Our wool felt material is water-repellent (for a limited time!):

  • In the case of bag poured water, coffee, wine or other liquid - do not worry. The surface of our high quality felt material is specially treated to any liquid is repelled from the surface of the material and it can not enter into felt. So you have enough time to shake off the drops of fluid.

  • Our wool felt is a high-class natural product out of 100% finest new wool. Slight inclusions of natural fiber on the surface are evidence of 100% natural origin of the wool material.


Felt can be manufactured in various thicknesses and a vast variety of colour and tone. It can be used without any dyes, in which case it is gray or white, but it can also be coloured with vivid and saturated tones. Because the wool is dyed before the felt is rolled, the material has the same colour and quality throughout its thickness. That means that it does not lose its colour even as it fades.




All Feltstyle original products are water and dirt - repellent – ideal for an active lifestyle.

To enjoy the beauty of your bag or your accessory for many years, we recommend you observe the following instructions:

  • Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces and sharp things

  • Avoid your light colored bag from prolonged contact with materials that may transfer its color pigments on a felt (like blue denim, leather coat)

  • You should keep your product dry and protect it from direct sources of heat

  • To clean your product, wipe with a lightly moist cloth or clothes brush

  • You can use a slightly damp sponge and soap

  • Never use solvent

  • If the product was in the water for a long time and is completely soppy, even more can all make good: put it in a dry place so that it does not lose its shape, away from direct heat sources (radiators, fireplace, heaters) and let it dry out for at least 48 hours

  • Felt products cannot be washed into the washing machine and tumble dryer, as felt permanently lose its shape

  • Our products can be cleaned with dry cleaning


In case of queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Any ribbons and leather used in Feltstyle bags and accessories are lightweight, sturdy and strong.

Highly resistant to surface scratches and moisture, resistant to dirt – ideal for long time use.



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