Feltstyle Transformer bag

Feltstyle Transformer bag

SKU: B 41626-686
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Spacious bag for stylish ladies. Different handles positioning allow 4 ways usage: on / over the shoulder, as backpack, as tote bag. Magnetic snap and 4 carbine clasps. Inside pocket.

Material: 100% Merino Wool Felt


H42cm x L36cm x W15cm

H16,54" x L14,17" x w5,9"
Product Code: B 41626-686

Bag color: Azur Blue
Handles color: Light Blue
  • Care instructions

    To enjoy the beauty of your bag or your accessory for many years, we recommend you observe the following instructions:

    • Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces and sharp things.

    • Avoid your light colored bag from prolonged contact with materials that may transfer its color pigments on a felt (like blue denim, leather coat).

    • You should keep your product dry and protect it from direct sources of heat.

    • To clean your product, wipe with a lightly moist cloth or clothes brush.

    • You can use a slightly damp sponge and soap.

    • Never use solvent.

    • If the product was in the water for a long time and is completely soppy, even more can all make good: put it in a dry place so that it does not lose its shape, away from direct heat sources (radiators, fireplace, heaters) and let it dry out for at least 48 hours.

    • Felt products can not be washed into the washing machine and tumble dryer, as felt permanently lose it shape.

    • Our products can be cleaned with dry cleaning.

    • In case of queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.